Session: Testing - Expense or Investment?

Presenter: Aleksandar Ristic

In today’s world of Agile Transformation everyone is talking about Continuous Integration / Continuous Development, DevOps and Test Automation. Art of finding severe defects is being neglected on account of focusing on building and maintaining complex automation systems.

Test managers are very often asked to justify business value of testing (and/or) test automation.


This workshop will teach audience how to calculate ROI on testing and to evaluate if their testing operation is bringing value to the business. It will become clear why is it so important to keep focusing on finding bugs and how to use this important argument in presenting testing as an investment in project success.


First step will be learn how to calculate ROI for Software Testing. Excel table will be prepared with all the necessary information and automated calculations. It will also be explained which factors have the most impact on ROI.


For the exercise there will be 3 examples with input from real projects where we will calculate testing ROI.

Example 1 - inputs: project budget, number of bugs in R&D and support phase, support budget

Example 2 - inputs: engineering price/day, number of bugs in R&D and support phase

Example 3 - inputs: R&D budget, support price/day, number of bugs in R&D and support phase


After this exercise attendees will know which numbers they should follow and what indicators are the most important ones in order to improve ROI in testing on their projects. This exercise will remind us that simple joy of hunting bugs before they come into production has solid basis and should be appreciated more. It is not always about saving money, but it is always about business value.

Aleksandar Ristic


As a Testing Consultant at Comtrade, I am in charge of leading a testing team of 40+ people in 7 cities across 4 countries and delivering testing and quality assurance services to our clients.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve held a number of positions, including Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer and Test Manager and have worked with clients from various industries – storage, telecommunications, gaming, education, travel and public sector. I am very passionate about testing, finding and submitting bugs, as well as analyzing problems and finding new ways to break software under testing. I am constantly working on identifying new tools and technologies that can help me and my team deliver better software to our clients.

Areas of expertise: testing process, manual and test automation, quality assurance

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