Session: Session-Based Testing Made Fun

Presenter: Bertold Kolics

Less than a year ago, we introduced time-boxed (2-hour) session based tests at ESO Solutions to reduce the number of defects escaping into production, to cross-train the quality assurance engineers as well as provide our support team (frontline support, sustaining engineering) a way to test new features prior to rollout to production. The format and execution of these sessions have evolved over time based on feedback from participants. They have become tremendously popular in the organization.


This talk will go into details about the goals, motivation of these events - called bug bashes -, explain the lessons learned and both the expected and unexpected benefits. The presentation will describe how the bug bashes were setup, the specific roles, the rules that the participants followed as well as how the event was gamified. In addition to the positive impact on product quality, the talk will go into detail on non-technical gains as well such as bringing down organizational silos and creating an atmosphere that software test and development engineers and non-engineering staff enjoy and look forward to.

Session: Funnels of Hiring Test Engineers

Presenter: Bertold Kolics

Finding qualified test engineers is a constant challenge for hiring managers. Higher educational institutions also add to the problem by offering few options for preparing students for QA positions. The talk will delve into techniques that I have used to create multiple funnels for finding qualified candidates and to reduce the time for bringing in the best talent to your team. Benefits of internship as well as apprenticeship programs, best ways to use college career fairs, organizing or supporting local tech events and meetups, how to use prospecting, posting openings on non-traditional forums (such as Craigslist, Hacker News, etc) and using social media will be covered in this presentation.

Bertold Kolics


Bertold Kolics has held various roles in software engineering for over 20 years including pre-sales, professional services, development, quality assurance and - most recently - management positions. Having worked for both very large corporations and small businesses including a startup, he has seen and experienced many of the problems that today’s software engineers face on a daily basis. Driven by the servant leadership methodology, he constantly pushes for changes in engineering teams by fostering open, honest communication, which improves both team productivity as well as job satisfaction.

Bertold regularly shares thoughts and stories about quality assurance, leadership, management and self-improvement on Twitter (@bkolics).

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