June 5th-6th


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Session: Imposter Syndrome

Did you ever feel like a fraud at work?


Have the feeling that at some point, someone is going to find out that you really don't belong where you are? That you are not as smart as other people think?


You are not alone with this...

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Session: Improving Рroductivity of Your Engineering Team

Today every company in the software industry is trying to explore ways and ideas to make their engineering teams more effective and productive. Google did an extensive research across their teams to find out how to build...

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Session: Tests in The Future - How to Prepare Yourself

It took us over 100 years to add wheels to our suitcases. How much time and effort is needed to learn how to test new technologies? In 2015 one of the most popular themes for many testing events was about the technologies of the future. We discussed a lot what we can expect in the next 30 years but...

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Session: The Science of Testing

In the past decade the software development paradigm has shifted to “deliver fast” – with concomitant frameworks and methodologies to support that emphasis – but without proper consideration of quality. So most teams end up failing fast and hard when development continues beyond a shaky foundation. To bring about positive change, we must improve both our knowledge base and our processes to achieve quality delivery without disturbing the bookkeeper’s project...

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Session: 10 Steps to Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery

The most critical step in agile transformation and continuous delivery adoption is identifying the bottlenecks in the product development cycle. In this talk, I will share tools and methods that facilitate the bottleneck discovery process and explore ways you can use...

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Session: Managers and Leaders in Testing - How Will They Look Like in 5-10 Years from Now?

Let us discuss and debate on the future of the role of Managers and Leaders in Testing, say in 5-10 years from now. Nowadays, as organizations adopt Agile/DevOps structures, Test Departments get merged with Development, shifting towards Testing Communities of Practice. Weak Test Managers get crushed and fired, while...

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Session: Finding Efficiencies in Software Testing

Many of us feel like we never have enough time to fully test in a given sprint, cycle or other timeframe. We plan for the best case scenario, but, undoubtedly, something happens with our best-laid plans that cause us to feel like we "just didn't test enough." In this session, we will talk about the five areas that may be causing inefficiencies in your overall...

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Session: You Got It Wrong!  Your Job is not about Testing...

Are we testers?  Yes, but this is actually not the value you provide to your project!


If you think about it, your project team is interested in releasing the product on time and with the promised functionality, and no one really cares about our testing at all!


As this is the case, we need to put more...

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Session: Millennials and Software Testing

One interesting and appalling fact is that millennials constitute 40% of the overall workforce today in the U.S.A. Millennials are the driving force for e-commerce changes in the market since they constitute an astonishing 21% of the consumer discretionary purchases. The reason why millennials would be amazing test engineers is for the sole reason that...

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Session: Session-Based Testing Made Fun

Less than a year ago, we introduced time-boxed (2-hour) session based tests at ESO Solutions to reduce the number of defects escaping into production, to cross-train the quality assurance engineers as well as provide our support team (frontline support, sustaining engineering) a way to test new features prior to...

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Session:  Enabling Reliable Testing through Test Data Management (TDM)

Test Data Management (TDM) is an emerging and specialized discipline within a QA organization that focuses on identifying, provisioning and maintaining test data in different environments. This provides an end-to-end solution to streamline and manage test data. A well implemented TDM strategy can rapidly reduce inefficiencies, help extract...

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Session: Let’s Get Deliberate

Deliberate Practice is a way to get better at learning new skills and improving current skills. This talk is aimed at Test Leaders who are coaching testers and working on improving the skills of the individuals on their team. When working with testers that you lead, there may be times where you notice behavior or...

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Session: Transform Your Organization with an Enterprise Automation Program

Automation can be an effective tool within an organization’s software testing strategy if implemented correctly. Automation is often presented as a silver bullet or magical solution to QA; however, experience and practice has taught the QA community there are pitfalls on the path to automation...

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Session: Legoizing Testing

Due to the challenges in capturing the requirements with different teams for our project, we changed our approach on testing so as to align with the overall Project Activation timeline and came up with the Lego Test approach.


In Lego Test approach blocks for separate...

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Session: The Tester’s Role: Balancing Technical Acumen and User Advocacy

Many of us didn't start our careers in testing. We generally moved from a different internal role or "happened upon QA" via another career path. It was common for people who were product users to be hired to jump start their technical career. Now, we see the growth of tester positions that require coding experience or a computer science degree with...

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Session: Testing - Expense or Investment?

In today’s world of Agile Transformation everyone is talking about Continuous Integration / Continuous Development, DevOps and Test Automation. Art of finding severe defects is being neglected on account of focusing on building and maintaining complex...

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Session: Funnels of Hiring Test Engineers

Finding qualified test engineers is a constant challenge for hiring managers. Higher educational institutions also add to the problem by offering few options for preparing students for QA positions. The talk will delve into techniques that I have used to create multiple funnels for finding qualified candidates and...

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Session: Harness the Power of AI to Optimize Testing Processes

The pressure on enterprises to deliver quality at speed has never been higher. However, also at peak levels are the sheer quantities of data, lack of expertise, limited knowledge of tools and the huge backlog of test cases enterprises need to manage. What if we could harness...

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Session: The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical

The widespread adoption of test automation has led to numerous challenges that range from development lifecycle integration to simple scripting strategy. Just because a scenario CAN be automated does not mean it SHOULD be automated. Teams that adopt automation often rush to automate everything they...

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Session: Delivering Flawless UI Across All Customer Engagement Points: Challenges and Solutions

In today’s fast moving eco-system, customers are interacting with your brand across multiple and varied digital platforms and methods, which are constantly changing. As brand integrity, as well the revenue pipeline, become dependent on the digital interface, and the face of the company is the software with which it uses to engage its customers -- delivering a consistently flawless user experience across all...

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