Session: Let’s Get Deliberate

Presenter: Dwayne Green

Deliberate Practice is a way to get better at learning new skills and improving current skills. This talk is aimed at Test Leaders who are coaching testers and working on improving the skills of the individuals on their team. When working with testers that you lead, there may be times where you notice behavior or technical ability that you would like to encourage the tester to improve. This talk will also show some ways to help train testers using Deliberate Practice principles.


In this talk with exercises, we will practice being deliberate. We’ll practice creating goals and getting feedback on our performance of a skill. We’ll also practice deconstructing skills into smaller sub-skills. We’ll also discuss training cultures and ways to help make a practice culture where you work.

Dwayne Green


Dwayne Green is a Team Lead of Testing at 1-800 Contacts located in Draper, UT. He has 10 years of industry experience and has a passion for developing skills in testing. He has been active in local software craftsmanship and testing meetups. Dwayne can be reached on Twitter @n00btester.

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