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Fiona Charles teaches organizations to manage their software testing risk, and IT practitioners project skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to thrive and excel on any kind of software project. Fiona’s articles and blog posts appear frequently, and she conducts experiential workshops at international conferences, and in-house for clients. She is the co-founder (with Anne-Marie Charrett), of Speak Easy, a volunteer organization whose goal is to increase gender diversity at tech conferences and help new speakers find their voices. Contact Fiona via her website www.quality-intelligence.com, and follow her on twitter @FionaCCharles.

Wednesday masterclass: Strategic Leadership for Testers: Developing Testing Strategy and Leading by Example

Presenters: Fiona Charles, Anna Royzman

The Conference starts on May 1st

With the widespread shift to agile and Dev Ops methodologies, career test practitioners have had to rethink their place in software development. We can no longer assume a career path of fixed roles from test analyst to test lead to test manager. In some organizations, traditional test managers have become test coaches, while in others there may be no explicit test leadership roles.


Most testers believe there is still a need for leadership in testing, regardless of formally assigned roles. But we may not be sure what that leadership comprises, or what it could and should look like.


In this highly interactive workshop, we will explore the meaning and practice of test leadership in modern software development, through group exercises.


In the first half we will concentrate on leadership itself, examining questions such as:


  • Where does test leadership fit in current software development?
  • How can I use my test leadership/management skills to add optimal value:
    • On agile projects?
    • In the larger agile organization?


  • What further skills do I need to develop/grow to be an effective leader in a collaborative environment?


Strategic thinking is an essential component of effective leadership, and the second half will focus on it: what it is and how to use it in your day-to-day testing; in organizing testing and resources for testing; and in managing your career.


Each exercise will be followed by a debrief that will give participants the opportunity to share their experiences and consolidate and add to what they’ve learned.



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The Conference starts on May 1st