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Frankie has a wide swath experience, ranging from being a rails developer in a tiny startup to an SDET at tech giants Google and Microsoft. His drive for developing quality software has provided him the opportunity switch between test and development roles.

His current obsessions are bridging the test/dev gap, scaling up excellence, and game design.

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LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/fbotero

Martin Hynie

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With over fifteen years of specialization in software testing and development, Martin Hynie’ s attention has gradually focused on emphasizing value through communication, team development, organizational learning, and the significant role that testers can play to help enable these.

A self-confessed conference junkie, Martin travels the world incorporating ideas introduced by various sources of inspiration (including Cynefin, complexity in social systems, context-driven testing, the Satir Model, trading zones, various agile principles, Pragmatic Marketing, and progressive movement training).

- Twitter: @vds4

- Website: www.vds4Consulting.com

Wednesday Masterclass: DevOps for Testers from A to Z Description

The world of DevOps is evolving and innovating at an incredible rate. Let’s be honest, for a tester it can be horrifying. Your entire tech stack can be suddenly swapped out overnight, and when encountering an issue it’s hard to tell where in that tech stack lies the problem. Even worse, with so many moving parts, it can be near impossible to reproduce the exact conditions from production in your test environment.

However, the curious and adventurous tester is always looking for an edge, always exploring new approaches to learn more about their system under test with the hopes of discovering new information. Maybe this tidal wave of tech infusion can be used for good? And yes, by this I mean OUR good.

Wednesday Masterclass: DevOps for Testers from A to Z (Part 1): TestOps 101 – become the master of your domain

Presenters: Frankie Botero, Martin Hynie

Getting a stranglehold on the world of containers opens a lot of opportunities for software testers. Open source projects like Docker have provided us an affordable option to creatively emulate production environments in safe and manageable ways. As a tester, you can learn to create aspects of production in localized or managed cloud environments to properly explore and learn about how they behave, interact and where they fall down.

In this introductory workshop, we will explore the fundamentals, and use of container technology like Docker, and the many cloud-based services that can be (affordably) adopted by testing teams. We will discover how to setup initial containers on local and hosted server providers, and go through some exercises that will include setting up development and testing frameworks, and ramping up services and servers to best emulate production safely.


What you should bring:

  • A reasonably modern laptop with admin rights, decent horsepower and room for installing containers and virtual machine (Details will be provided closer to conference date)
  • A sense of adventure


DevOps for Testers from A to Z Part II



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Wednesday Masterclass: DevOps for Testers from A to Z Description

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Prices increase on April 16th