MC:  Effective Agile Communication

Presenter: Gitte Klitgaard

People in the software industry are trained in programming, testing, design, documentation, and requirement management. That makes our work very much based on blacks and whites: does it compile? Will the test pass? Does it fulfill the requirements? Bits and bytes, 0s and 1s, verified or not - all black and white.


Communication, on the other hand, is everything in between. We are not trained to be effective in our communication and yet much of our work requires collaboration with others.


In this workshop I want to give you a space where you can learn effective communication techniques, and have the time to practice these. Here you will learn to listen, not to respond, but to hear what is actually being said. I will provide you with tools to give and receive feedback, express what you want and what you need.


I want to inspire you to have the courage to be yourself as you communicate in an effective manner.



First we focus on listening techniques and then on giving and receiving feedback.

The workshop is a series of the following structure: a bit of information, then practice in pairs or triads, follow-up together.

Session:  Imposter Syndrome

Presenter: Gitte Klitgaard

Did you ever feel like a fraud at work?


Have the feeling that at some point, someone is going to find out that you really don't belong where you are? That you are not as smart as other people think?


You are not alone with this; many high-achieving people suffer from the imposter syndrome. But what is it? And why do we suffer from it?


Even when we know we suffer from it, and we have proof of that, we are still impaired by having it. It stops us from following our dreams.


In this session I will try to explore it and suggest ways to fight it.

Gitte Klitgaard


Gitte Klitgaard is an agile coach, hugger, friend and much more. She lives and loves agile. She took the oath of non-allegiance. Why fight over methods when we can use that energy to help people?

Gitte wants to change the world by helping people make the right product, by doing it right and most importantly: to have fun doing it. She has a great interest in how people function, how the brain works, what motivates us, how we can feel better about ourselves, how to be perfect in all our imperfections.

She is a geek and passionate about a lot :).

Twitter: nativewired

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