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Joe Lopez is a graduate of Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Computer Science Minor. Joe has over 20 years experience in the Financial Services area as a functional tester, performance tester, system tester, automation engineer, and test manager. Joe is a very strong advocate of agile methodologies and its principles. Joe is also involved in the AST SIG called Software Testing in Financial Services. Joe is the Head of Functional Testing, Performance and Automation teams for a division of an Investment Bank.

Wednesday masterclass:  DevOps for Testers from A to Z Description

The world of DevOps is evolving and innovating at an incredible rate. Let’s be honest, for a tester it can be horrifying. Your entire tech stack can be suddenly swapped out overnight, and when encountering an issue it’s hard to tell where in that tech stack lies the problem. Even worse, with so many moving parts, it can be near impossible to reproduce the exact conditions from production in your test environment.


However, the curious and adventurous tester is always looking for an edge, always exploring new approaches to learn more about their system under test with the hopes of discovering new information. Maybe this tidal wave of tech infusion can be used for good? And yes, by this I mean OUR good.

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Wednesday masterclass:  DevOps for Testers from A to Z (Part 2): System Testing in a DevOps World

Presenter: Joe Lopez

As most teams in a DevOps world focus on solidifying and ramping up quality on their applications within their piece of the system; there should be a focus on how the system functions to ensure end to end flows and overall user/system requirements.


The workshop will focus on various techniques and tools that can be used to apply DevOps principles and techniques to system or end to end testing.


What you should bring to the class:

  • A reasonably modern laptop with admin rights, decent horsepower and room for installing containers and virtual machine (Details will be provided closer to conference date)
  • A sense of adventure


DevOps for Testers from A to Z Part I



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Prices increase on April 16th