Session: You Got It Wrong!  Your Job is not about Testing...

Presenter: Joel Montvelisky

Are we testers?  Yes, but this is actually not the value you provide to your project!


If you think about it, your project team is interested in releasing the product on time and with the promised functionality, and no one really cares about our testing at all!


As this is the case, we need to put more efforts on understanding how to align our work with the objectives of the team and how can we shift left, right, up and down in order to provide value on the areas where our expertise can contribute even more than simply running one more test or reporting an additional bug.


In this session we will learn and review additional tasks and operations of value we can provide as testing professionals that are more aligned with the real and actual needs of our teams.

Joel Montvelisky


Joel Montvelisky is a Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect for PractiTest.


He has been a testers 1997, working for companies in Israel, the US and Europe.  In addition to this Joel blogs about topics close to his heart on the QA Intelligence Blog, and is constantly imparting webinars on a number of testing and Quality Related topics.


Joel is the founder and Chair of the OnlineTestConf, the first 100% online testing conference;  and the co-founder of the State of Testing Survey and Report.  In his spare time, Joel is also a conference speaker, presenting in various events and forums world wide, among them the Star Conferences, CAST, QA&Test, and more

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