Session: Delivering Flawless UI Across All Customer Engagement Points: Challenges and Solutions

Presenter: Justin Ison

In today’s fast moving eco-system, customers are interacting with your brand across multiple and varied digital platforms and methods, which are constantly changing. As brand integrity, as well the revenue pipeline, become dependent on the digital interface, and the face of the company is the software with which it uses to engage its customers -- delivering a consistently flawless user experience across all digital platforms is now a must.


But at the same time, it becomes harder to ensure that flawless UI will be the result your customers enjoy: while the test matrix is becoming larger – due to proliferation of responsive design sites and apps, different browsers, mobile devices, screen sizes, and operating system -- release cycles are getting shorter, as demand for agile and CI-CD gets more popular. The result is the UI test coverage suffers.


Leveraging artificial intelligence for visual testing can help keep pace with the growing demand for Agile, CI/CD, and shorten release cycles, and is one of the more effective method to combat those issues, and ensure that your customers receive the flawless UI they deserve, wherever they engage with your brand.


In this talk, we’ll cover different visual testing techniques, how visual automation can increase

quality, efficiency, and reduce development bottlenecks, including:

  • Challenges of visual testing in an Agile/ CI-CD environment
  • What is visual test automation, and how AI fits in
  • Why we need it
  • Benefits and ROI of AI-powered visual testing and monitoring
  • Ease of implementation and execution

Justin Ison


Justin Ison is a Senior Success Engineer at Applitools.

Previously, he was a senior software engineer at Microsoft Berlin, Germany working on the Wunderlist app.

He has over nineteen years of experience working on Software Quality, with the last eight primarily developing API, Web, and Mobile test automation.

He is passionate about test automation and loves finding new efficient and effective ways to improve software quality with software.

Follow Justin on Twitter: @isonic1

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