June 6th


Conferenсe Keynotes

Opening Keynote: A Leader's Guide to Building a Quality Culture

For many of us, the days of functional organizations of testers are gone. The commonly adversarial relationship between test and development that existed years ago just doesn’t exist anymore. Many of us lead teams of “embedded testers”, who work deeply and collaboratively within a feature team to ensure that testing is done throughout the product cycle.

These modern organizational structures encourage quick cycle time and continuous testing. Software quality has, arguably, improved...

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Closing Keynote: Implementing Context Driven Testing Keeps Kicking My Ass - But I Think I’m Finally Winning!

Life has a funny way of teaching us what we need to know. Lessons are like the theory of reincarnation, they will repeat over and over again until you learn what it is that the universe wants you to know. When I reflect on the last 15 years of my software testing career, the lesson is clearly around transforming testing teams, specifically with implementing Context Driven Testing (CDT), and I can honestly say, the implementation of CDT keeps kicking my ass!  Still, I have refused to give up. As a passionate, context driven tester I am convinced that CDT is the best approach for...

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