MC: How to Make Whole Team Testing Successful

Presenter: Lalitkumar Bhamare

We are living in an era where producing quality software at a cheaper price and faster pace is becoming increasingly important. The change drivers in the industry (methodologies, business models, and technologies) warrant us to change the way we work and look at things, especially at software quality. While software quality is the epicenter of modern software development, relying on one dedicated individual to look after all things testing is uncalled for.


We have reached the stage where the value of traditional testing is already being challenged and it is high time that everyone who contributes towards building software, understands and contributes towards its quality too. A shift seems to be happening from “we don’t need testers” mindset to “skilled testers are valuable assets” realization. What kind of things these skilled testers are doing that makes them valuable assets to their team? Do they work as “lone guardians of quality”? Do production releases get blocked when they are not around? Do their teams feel empowered by their work or they feel paralyzed because of their absence? If not, then how exactly they help others to test better?


Current industry scenario is a perfect opportunity for testers to come out of their traditional role and become more valuable to their teams. Testers have great potential to lead their teams for quality without having to be a designated lead. Does that sound like easier said than done? Lalit felt the same but decided to take up the challenge. In this workshop, he will share his experiments around getting not-testers to test, challenges he faced and how did he overcome them. Join Lalit and sail with him in what he calls as “intellectual voyage”.


In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to step up their game and enable the whole team testing through exercises, discussions and experiments.


Key takeaways and skills you will learn from the workshop:


  • Build your case: understand how systems collapse in the absence of a skilled tester
  • Deal with rejection: why non-testers say “No” to testing
  • Interactional Expertise: how to interact with others to gain recognition as an expert in your field
  • Session Based Test Management (SBTM): usage of heuristics and advanced testing techniques to coach testing
  • Making Things Fun: gamification of testing activities
  • Quality Leadership: how to create positive influence beyond your role
  • Steps to enable Whole Team Testing

Lalitkumar Bhamare


Lalit is working with XING SE, Germany as Senior Test Engineer. He is Chief Editor and Co-founder of “Tea-time with Testers” magazine. He is testing coach and consultant with a specialization in Rapid Software Testing methodology and BBST foundations by AST, USA.

Lalit is also the co-creator of the “State of Testing Survey” project, which is the largest testing survey in the world. He likes helping organizations for on-boarding them with Context Driven Testing and provides on-demand consultation around implementing the same at work.

Reach out to Lalit via Twitter @Lalitbhamare or @TtimewidTesters

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