Session: Tests in The Future - How to Prepare Yourself

Presenter: Marta Firlej

It took us over 100 years to add wheels to our suitcases. How much time and effort is needed to learn how to test new technologies? In 2015 one of the most popular themes for many testing events was about the technologies of the future. We discussed a lot what we can expect in the next 30 years but we didn’t talk how to test. For my presentation I chose 5 examples on which I would like to show what issues we can face and few ideas how we should prepare for them. Those examples are:

• Let’s start with something small but powerful - a chip

• Let’s go bigger - robots

• In 2015 Tesla proved that its car can be self-driven

• Next growing every second - Big data

• Last but not least - Internet of Things

I would like to work with attendees to find possible areas of improvement by asking questions and showing examples of what, in my opinion will be our main challenges in testing:

• Building and supporting test environments that can simulate towns or humans

• Test against law regulations

• Create new tools for testing new technologies

• Test security of chips, robots, internet of things that will domain of testing that will grow even faster

• Test performance of devices and networks of devices

• Use more methods from other domains: like testing with control groups, blind tests

• Present test results

Marta Firlej


Marta Firlej started her journey with software testing in 2006. During her work she is focused on the product, the process and the team. She is engaged in quality assurance with a particular emphasis on the usability testing, functional testing and the test management. She had the opportunity to not only build and develop testing teams, but also work with customers to create, develop and design software. The initiator of Testing Conference Test:Fest in Wroclaw. Member of the committee of judges in Polish Testing Cup Championships in 2013 and 2014. Besides working, she is traveling, cooking and cycling.

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