Session: Harness the Power of AI to Optimize Testing Processes

Presenter: Sanil Pillai

The pressure on enterprises to deliver quality at speed has never been higher. However, also at peak levels are the sheer quantities of data, lack of expertise, limited knowledge of tools and the huge backlog of test cases enterprises need to manage. What if we could harness the power of AI and machine learning to cut through backlogs, optimize test processes and accelerate release cycles?


Well, we can. The AI era in software testing is happening, now. In this informative session, Sanil Pillai will talk about common testing challenges enterprises face due to spiraling complexity and QA pressures, and how to apply AI to optimize every stage of the testing process.


Attend this session to learn:

  • What aspects of software testing delay your digital initiatives
  • How AI can be leveraged to optimize various aspects of testing
  • Criteria to assess AI implementation readiness
  • Methodologies to put test BOTs into action

Sanil Pillai


Sanil Pillai is the Director of Infostretch Labs.  He is an experienced engineering leader for digital and enterprise applications. He has built and managed offshore and onsite engineering teams, managed mobile projects for Fortune 500 clients, and has deep technical and functional expertise.


At Infostretch, Sanil has established agile development and Continuous Integration methodologies, tracking metrics and monitoring processes to ensure continuous improvement in the development organization.


Prior to Infostretch, Sanil was the Director of Project Management at AirKast, Inc. where he managed development and successful delivery of iOS, Android and Blackberry applications for clients like Disney, Univision, Salem Communications, Musicians Institute and Bloomberg.  Before AirKast, Sanil held various engineering and engineering management roles with companies including Oracle, Citi and Workday.

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