Session: Millennials and Software Testing

Presenter: Sheekha Singh

One interesting and appalling fact is that millennials constitute 40% of the overall workforce today in the U.S.A. Millennials are the driving force for e-commerce changes in the market since they constitute an astonishing 21% of the consumer discretionary purchases. The reason why millennials would be amazing test engineers is for the sole reason that this generation is technology infused. Millennials know what are the latest apps in the market as they might already be using some of it. (Example: Shopping apps, Banking apps, Messaging apps and many more). In the IT industry, especially with the agile-ish shops, millennials would encourage automation due to the following reasons:

  • Reduction in post-prod incidents
  • Less time consuming
  • Intelligent decisions by mitigating risks
  • Strategic automation use cases
  • Reviews and Insights increase quality.

If you are an agile shop and a software based service or a product company, then millennials would be beneficial and apt for the QA team, because you not only get people who love automation but also a team packed with innovative ideas and energy.

Sheekha Singh


I am currently working as a QA Engineer at D3 Banking in Omaha. I have been providing my expertise in testing banking software for almost 4 years. I hold a Master’s degree in MIS. Prior to D3 Banking, I worked with Union Pacific and was a part of the team instrumental in developing a cloud based project.

Founder of a non-profit organization in India. Recipient of Best paper award in 2016 at 6th annual PKI Capstone conference in Omaha. Speaker at MINK (Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas) Women in Computing conference and Quality Jam in Atlanta. Project management, aspiring women to explore technology and working for social causes has been my keen area of interest. Also an avid traveler, reader and a writer.

Follow Sheekha on Twitter: @ssheekha

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