Session: 10 Steps to Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery

Presenter: Tanya Kravtsov

The most critical step in agile transformation and continuous delivery adoption is identifying the bottlenecks in the product development cycle. In this talk, I will share tools and methods that facilitate the bottleneck discovery process and explore ways you can use Mind Maps, Innovation Games, and more to identify, prioritize, and resolve bottlenecks.


Learn ways to deal with the most common bottlenecks that cripple development progress—data, environments and testing.


This session will cover 10 steps that will help any organization to improve developer productivity and reduce time to market, while delivering quality software to customers.

Tanya Kravtsov


Tanya Kravtsov is a Director of QA at Audible, helping build a new QA organization to support innovative web product development at scale. Previously, as head of automation and continuous delivery at ROKITT, senior QA manager at Syncsort, and VP at Morgan Stanley, Tanya focused on quality, automation, and DevOps practices, working with internal and external customers to transform development and testing processes. Tanya is passionate about process automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.


She is a founder of the DevOpsQA NJ Meetup group and a speaker at events including StarEast, QUEST, TestBash, Anita Borg Women in Tech and the Jenkins User Conference. Follow her on Twitter @DevOpsQA.

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