Session: Managers and Leaders in Testing - How Will They Look Like in 5-10 Years from Now?

Presenter: Valeriy Burmistrov

Let us discuss and debate on the future of the role of Managers and Leaders in Testing, say in 5-10 years from now. Nowadays, as organizations adopt Agile/DevOps structures, Test Departments get merged with Development, shifting towards Testing Communities of Practice. Weak Test Managers get crushed and fired, while strong Test Leaders actually serve as the drivers of these transformations. But where does this story go further?

How will the new wave of Leaders in Testing actually look like in 5-10 years from now? Perhaps a shift towards governance, risk-management and quality-assurance. Perhaps a further shift towards Craftsmanship. But what else?

I will share my thoughts and some provocative ideas on the subject and will then open it to the whole group for a brainstorming, sharing of opinions and open discussion.

Valeriy Burmistrov


Valeriy Burmistrov is in Software Engineering for 15+ years, covering multiple roles, companies, countries and cultures and now is serving as Director Quality Assurance at TeamViewer GmbH, Germany. In the last few years, his main passions are bringing engineering teams’ technical delivery practices to the next level and help people grow through those journeys. Valeriy enjoys getting to know new people to share experience and learn from experiences of others

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