June 15th - August 21st 2020

Test Leadership Summer program features emerging trends, latest developments, networking and extensive training in test and quality leadership.
We bring you HOT topics that are relevant RIGHT NOW.

Summer Curriculum Classes and Certificates 

June 15th through July 17th

Full schedule is announced

Our Summer Curriculum program consists of ten 4-hr online tutorials that are counted toward the credits. One tutorial is equal to half-day of training. Student is granted 4 credits upon single tutorial completion.

Classes are offered in two timezones. Each tutorial is split into two 2-hr sessions, that are given over two days. It’s the best recommended format for the online learning. 

Program Certification

Test Masters Academy issues certificates of summer program completion to all students completing at least 16 credits (equivalent to 2 full days of training). 

Summer Leadership Season 

July 20th through August 21st

Full schedule is announced on June 15th

Our Summer Season program features keynotes, presentations, workshops, meetings with experts, discussion circles, networking, leadership development activities and competitions.

Summer Camp meets the Conference! 

If you attended Test Leadership Congress in the past, you know what’s special about us: we create the family-like environment for peer leadership conference. In the past, you had to travel to New York to experience it. This summer, we are recreating this experience for everyone – without borders!

The program 2020 is designed for comfortable learning and maximum interactive participation from the safety of your home. Our schedule will allow you to pick what you need and meet who you want – at your own time. There is no parallel sessions or full day programs. We are scheduling networking and learning sessions for few hours per day, few days each week, for different time zones. 

Summer Leadership Season is: peer ideas exchange, learning, fun, and long-lasting friendships. Very far from your regular online conference experience.

We bring to you the topics that are important in testing leadership right here, right now.

We find that the most important experiences are often the moments of struggle and recovery by learning. Our lives are changing, we are facing the new problems, we need to adapt and help our teams to adapt as well. The format of our season conference allows for uninterrupted learning, discovering solutions, and sharing ideas with your peers from all over the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

All our talks, classes and interactive sessions will be accessible online. Right now we offer virtual passes only.

We have discovered that online learning and collaboration cannot be fit into a 3-day conference. Participants are missing on opportunities to attend all the sessions they want, talk to speakers and other attendees, collaborate with their peers and fully engage. We developed a new innovative format focused on our attendees capacity to participate and get the most out of their experience.

Mid June to Mid July – tutorials and roundtables. 

Mid July to Mid August – conference talks and keynotes, interactive sessions, group workshops, discussions and solutions groups activities. There will be multiple opportunities to meet speakers, participate in interactive activities, find mentorship from experts and get the most out of the peer networking.

Our interactive tutorials are scheduled from Mid June to Mid July. They will be offered one by one, and be accessible to different time zones. Spaces are limited, book your seat on time.