Summer Leadership Season

July 20th-August 21st



Pandemic, travel bans and economic fallout severely limited opportunities for learning, apprenticeship, and career development. It brought global professional community to the state of uncertainty and despair.

Test Masters Academy wants to assist in personal leadership journey to everyone willing — by eliminating obstacles and restrictions to the best of its capacity.

We aim to bring experienced and aspiring leaders from many countries into single place to share ideas, interact, and learn from each other.

Accessibility and Equal Opportunity

Thanks to our supporters and sponsors, participation may be accessible to everyone. If you want to take advantage of this program and the ticket price is out of your range, reach out for free or discounted tickets at info @ testmastersacademy.org

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New format


The sessions are spread out over the course of four weeks to avoid fatigue from all-day remote video sessions. Each session is repeated twice in different timezones to maximize the number of people who can participate. Sessions will be recorded and available for all participants.


A major emphasis is placed on interactive component of the program. Meet with speakers, interact with other attendees, build professional connections, participate in various group activities and discussions based on your interests and time availability.


(special!) Personal and group mentoring sessions with renowned speakers, thought leaders and influencers during the whole program.

Summer Season Program

See the full program HERE.


Week 1: Pre-conference orientation and icebreakers:

  • July 20 – July 24
  • Multiple local times between 8:00 AM and 9 PM each day (with breaks)

Week 2-5: Presentations and Interactive Sessions:

  • July 27 – August 21
  • Multiple local times between 8:00 AM and 9 PM each day (with breaks)

See the full program HERE.

Main Sessions:

  • Presentation: 30 min session, followed by 30 min Ask Me Anything interactive time with the speaker.

  • Workshop: 45 min session, followed by 15 min Ask Me Anything interactive time with the speaker.

Leaders Growth Hack Sessions:

  • Special sessions, followed by problem-solving and solution workshops, aimed to achieve rapid growth in skillset and expertise for Test and Quality Leaders.

Interactive Sessions:

  • Problem-solving workshops
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Mentoring (individual and group sessions)
  • Games and competitions, prizes
  • Test lab trials of new technologies
  • Meet hiring managers
  • Experts Round tables
  • Special guest speakers – industry innovation
  • Lean Coffee sessions
  • Fireside chats
  • Lighting talks
  • Group projects
  • Test strategy and practice
Test Leadership Summer program features emerging trends, latest developments, networking and extensive training in test and quality leadership.
We bring you HOT topics that are relevant RIGHT NOW.

Fall Tutorials Curriculum and Certificates 

September – October 2020

Our unique Tutorials Curriculum program is focused on building leadership skill-set and expertise for Quality Professionals. We invited the renowned industry experts to teach courses on leadership development, enterprise strategies in testing and test automation, remote facilitation techniques, managing local and global teams, hiring and team building practices, change management, diversity and inclusion, and AI literacy.

The program consists of eleven 4-hr online tutorials that are counted toward the credits. Each tutorial is split into two 2-hr classes, that are given over two days. 

One tutorial is equal to half-day of training. Student is granted 4 credits upon single tutorial completion.

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Program Certification

Test Masters Academy issues certificates of Quality Leadership Tutorial Curriculum program completion to all students completing at least 16 credits (equivalent to 2 full days of training).

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Ways to Participate

For managers:

  • Build a career development path for your team members who you send to the conference and tutorials. Work with us to fit the individual plans and find the right mentor.
  • If you have open positions and look for great talent, we will give you the air time to announce the opportunities and meet with the candidates. 

For individuals:

  • Build your own schedule and find the activities that fit your career growth and professional development goals.


Give a gift of participation for the right cause

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Become a volunteer or facilitator

Our volunteers have access to all programs. We appreciate the help you can offer in this new experimental format we organizing this year. Reach out to info @ testmastersacademy.org for opportunities.

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We bring to you the topics that are important in testing leadership right here, right now.

We find that the most important experiences are often the moments of struggle and recovery by learning. Our lives are changing, we are facing the new problems, we need to adapt and help our teams to adapt as well. The format of our season conference allows for uninterrupted learning, discovering solutions, and sharing ideas with your peers from all over the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

All our talks, tutorials and interactive sessions will be accessible online. Right now we offer virtual passes only.

We have discovered that online learning and collaboration cannot fit into a 3-day online conference. Participants are missing on opportunities to attend all the sessions they want, interact with speakers and other attendees, collaborate with their peers and fully engage. We developed a new innovative format focused on our attendees capacity to participate and get the most out of their experience.

July 20th-August 21st – online conference talks and keynotes, interactive sessions, group workshops, discussions and solutions groups activities. There will be multiple opportunities to meet speakers, participate in interactive activities, find mentorship from experts and get the most out of the peer networking.

September – October 2020 – interactive online tutorials.

Our interactive tutorials are scheduled in September-October 2020. They will be offered one by one. Spaces are limited, book your seat on time.

If the tutorial doesn’t fit your timezone, reach out to organizers at info @ testmastersacademy.org. If there are enough requests, we will schedule the tutorial in your timezone as well.