Attending all the exciting events and presentations at the conference can be a strain on your schedule. The Social Media Toolkit has been created to allow easy social media sharing options, suggested posts, and downloadable images for each platform. This will save you crucial time in promoting your presentation or amplifying the voices of a speaker’s presentation you are attending.


Use hashtags related to the content you are sharing, however, be sure to include the #TMATLC2020 hashtag for the event itself.

Help amplify your community's voice!

  • Copy and post the suggested social media content, or create your own posts to share the content.
  • Add the #TMATLC2020 hashtag to your social media posts, and engage with us via your personal social media accounts
  • Follow Test Masters Academy on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to share the content from those pages. Make sure to use the #TMATLC2020 hashtag!
  • Don’t forget to join the Test Masters Academy Slack channel!
  • Be on the lookout for other ways to get involved with the Test Masters community in the future!


Test Leadership Congress programs are running from July 20th to October 8th: Tutorials, presentations, and social engagements. If you schedule your social media posts in advance, please schedule them for that time-period.

TMA images for use in posting to social media

Feel free to download these graphics to use in your posts about the conference. 

Suggested Tweets and Facebook Posts

  • Join #TMATLC2020 as we showcase leaders in Testing and Quality Assurance. Stay engaged with the speakers and content by following us @TestMastersAcad
  • I’m attending a presentation by <speakers name>. Join me in live tweeting reactions and responses to the presentation @TestMastersAcad #TMATLC2020 #speakersName @speakersName
  • Lasting understanding comes from absorbing knowledge and discussing it to understand what it means in our daily lives. What has your experience been like with the presentations today?  @TestMastersAcad #TMATLC2020 @speakersname
  • Join us at #TMATLC2020 as we amplify the stories of women leaders in Test and QA.  Help shape the conversation about representation and diversity in Quality Assurance.
  • Do you feel like sharing why #TMATLC2020 important for Test and QA leaders to attend? Do you have a topic you wish to speak about after attending this year’s conference?   Sign up for updates to be a speaker at the next @TestMastersAcad event. https://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/