conference sessions and videos

2019 Conference Videos

John P. Thomas

Opening Keynote: A Systems Approach to Software, Testing, and Test Leadership

Damian Synadinos

Closing Keynote: More Than That!

Sami Söderblom

That Everything Else You Need to in DevOps

Davar Ardalan

Cultural IQ in the Age of AI

Amy Jo Esser

Are You the Best Leader You can Be

Mike Talks

The Changing Role of Test Leaders

Lina Zubyte

Finding Power in Authenticity

Aprajita Mathur

Compliance and Agility - How it Can Be Done

Karen Holliday

Three Steps to Success from a VP of Quality Assurance

Christine A. Fisher

Implementing BDD: How One Team is Making it Work

Priyanka Halder

Taming Your Dragon: From No QA to Fully Intergrated QA

Katja Obring

Antifragility or Taming the Hydra

Mykola Gurov

Testing on Production, Deep Backend Edition

Joshua Gorospe

Test Tool Strategies for Lone Testers